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Sewer Line Repair

Updated: May 20, 2023

We had an emergency at the property and wanted to keep everyone informed.

Due to the recent discovery of a collapsed sewer line, emergency measures were taken to repair the problem.

Dunedin Plumbing dug down 6' to the sewer line that is damaged.

The damaged area is about a 3' long area of pipe.

During this dig, another black pipe was discovered running perpendicular and atop of the sewer line.

The pipe is a Duke Energy transmission line and Dunedin Plumbing had to stop work due to the hazardous situation.

The hole and area has been cautioned taped off and unfortunately sewer will continue to flow into the hole.

Each affected resident (31, 32, 35, 36, 37, 38) has been called to minimally use water, the shower and toilets.

I just placed an emergency service call with Duke to help and lift up their pipe so the plumber can repair the broken pipe. They will be out sometime today and meet the plumbers to coordinate work.

The residents affected are pretty much without facilities and Duke does consider this an emergency too.

Thanking everyone for your continued patience.


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